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Mechanic Work


X hour

$1.50 X mile


Diesel mechanic work

A Diesel Mechanic is basically the same as an automotive mechanic but deals with the diesel system and not gasoline, tipically Diesel Engines are used for Heavy Duty use and go on different types of equipment to put to work the torque that a diesel engine can produce, Diesel Mechanics inspect various systems with motor vehicles to identify problems. Mechanics run computerized diagnostic tests to help them ascertain components within the car that might be faulty. Once they have identified the problem area, they’ll recommend the appropriate fixes and work will follow.

Mechanics also remove parts that not operating as required or are worn out, and replace them with used or new parts. In addition, mechanics make sure that an equipment maintains sufficient performance by conducting routine maintenance as per the schedules provided by the manufacturer of the car.

Routine maintenance includes changing engine oil, checking tire pressure, ensuring the reliability of the vehicle’s brakes, as well as checking and replacing wires, spark plugs, and distributor caps. Mechanics also explain repairs to clients and provide estimates of the work and cost required to ensure the equipment is operational and safe without inflating costs or adding unnecessary procedures. In some situations, auto mechanics may pitch alternative preventive maintenance or repairs to customers.

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