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We're diesel technicians specializing in the tech side of your vehicle

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About Us

With years of professional experience and a dedication to top-tier tech standards, AA Mechanixs specializes in the technical side, like the engines ECM and all the parameters. We take a healthy engines specs and see if your's is running within specs. We make sure all the electrical wires are good. And setting up parameters so you can run your machines without the worry of breaking down and stops the engine to save it.

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  • Seminole TX location

    Based in Seminole, Tx. Servicing the surrounding areas such as Lea County, Andrew's County and Gaines county.

  • ECM scanner

    Specializing in the ECM (electronic control module) we have a wide range of software's.

  • certified diesel tech

    We are certified diesel technicians

Comparison of Engine with
parameters vs with none.

The following are what parameters do and how you can tell your engine has one

ECM without many parameters

ECM with parameters

speed isn't governed
Speed doesn't go past a certain limit
More possibilities of wearing engine with higher rpms
RPM doesn't go above a cerntain limit at a certain stage or speed.
Goes at a certain speed when DEF is low
More probabiblity of breakdowns if operated without parameters
Limiting factors on your engine

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Get rid of those codes or get the specs of your engine.

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