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Car doesn't start even though it has battery

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

First, let's break down on the main 3 components that are needed for an engine to start.

If no "Check Engine Light" is on than go ahead and check your vehicle and the following things.

Battery and it's components

The battery is usually the component that gives energy to the ECM and the starter, there are other components that also use the battery but these two are the most important.

The battery is usually connected with the wires that give energy to the system, often times it might just be that the battery terminals are a bit rusty and doesn't make connection, check with the battery terminal first.

The starter contains a gear which is engaged only with the starter solenoid and often times the solenoid will get stuck and not engage the gear to engage the engine gear

Starter and solenoid

Often times you can make sure that it's the starter is stuck by doing these two methods: 1.- Hit the starter a couple of times with a hammer, don't worry its metal but don't go acting crazy and hit it super hard just with enough force to get it unstuck, after hitting it try starting it again 2.- ( Not Recommended ) With a screwdriver or with a cable you can connect one end of the + side of the solenoid to a ground and it should engage, try again after it engages to see if it's free and not stuck anymore.

The Fuses are also very important since if one is burnt the current won't activate what it's fuse box diagram mentions

Air Intake

The other component for your engine to start is Air ( O2 ), if the engine air intake is restricted and doesn't let air in the cylinder that it won't start, often times is the air filter that has debris blocking the way of the air, and for a combustion you need oxygen.


If no fuel is reaching the injectors then there isn't a flammable substance to make a combustion, often times just by changing the fuel filters which accumulate debris and creates resistance thus reducing the pressure and flow of the fuel and it might not be enough to make a combustion, is enough to get your car up and running again often times it might be the pump or a restriction from the pump to the injectors.

With this information, I hope you can deduce what might be wrong with your car and fix it

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