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We especialize in engine repair

Ranging from a simple fuse that prevents the engine from starting to injector calibrations

Mechanic Work

Ranging from a simple oil change too a change of injectors

Overnight Support

Past regular hours there will be a slight increase of prices

Tire Changes

We change tires the ones we have are used 24.5 tires

ECM Scanner

Scan your ECM codes to know exactly where is the problem of your engine 

Fuel system

Fuel system, trouble on starting and jerkin when running is a symptom of something wrong with the fuel pressure

Hydraulic Maintenance

Is your hydraulic pressure low? We can locate the problem and then fix it.

Cables and wiring 

Sometimes wires that don't go to the ECM are the problem of the engine shutting or not even starting to begin with

Air systems

Air pressure not building and staying in a certain range indicates something wrong in the air system

DPF Regens

Loss of power is a symptom that the Diesel Particulate Filter and a DPF regeneration is required

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