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Charging hourly can be heavy on the pocket so besides the Hourly Rate we have a monthly subscription


General Truck Repair

Ranging from a Simple battery jumpstart to changing injectors and fixing your engine to where it works properly to get the job done.

$ 86



To scan your ECM you need special software that can let you read, on why your engine is acting up. To setting new Parameters on your ECM and installing injectors
$ 160

night call_edited.png

After-hour Calls

It can't be helped if you breakdown on the middle of a night delivering, but we can help out to the most of our abilities to get you going on the road again
$ 150

$1.50 per Mile


Keep your Truck and Engine in shape and your life stress-free

  • Basic Package

    Every month
    Private Heavy Equipment and Truck Technician
    • Weekly Preventive Maintenance
    • Ecm Access
    • General Truck & Heavy Duty Equipment Repair
    • 24/7 Phone Assistance
    • Free Local Service
    • 1 FREE Vehicle oil change
    • DPF Regens
    • Parts restoration
    • Total Value of $76 per hour
    • FREE Fuel Filter Change
  • Best Value

    Black Gold (Oil & water field) Package

    Every 3 months
    Private Heavy Equipment and Truck Technician
    • Weekly Preventive Maintenance
    • General Truck & Heavy Duty Equipment Repair
    • Free Local Service
    • ECM Scanner Access to parameters
    • DPF Regens
    • 24/7 Phone Assistance
    • 4 FREE Vehicles or Heavy Equipment oil change
    • Parts Restoration
    • Total Value Of $66 per hour

* Work can be done across different vehicles but only the amount of vehicles listed will have FREE oil change.

Once you become a member, when you buy the subscription, all the work done and the mileage will be included, there will be no extra costs except if a part needs to be bought or we give you the part information and see if you can get it cheaper. If the service call is outside of town the mileage will be deducted from the price but will reduce your hours by minutes or you can pay $1.50 per mile.

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