Diesel Particulate Filter
(DPF) Regenaration

DPF Regen is: the process by which the soot within a diesel particulate filter (DPF) is converted to ash through the use of heat, chemical reaction and or electricity. Soot combustion temperatures range from the 250˚C – 350˚C range (with a chemical or fuel catalyst) to the 550˚C range (without catalyst).

Why do you need a DPF regen?

You can start telling when you need a regen for example: Whenever your dpf filter is loaded with soot it is going to limit your power. You'll first start to notice when your truck isn't running as it used to or you can feel it forced. That happens when the soot level is above normal and it's starting to fill with soot, once the dpf filter is avobe operating range because of the soot you will need a regen.